Get Highly Targeted Traffic

Our SEO Microsites bring you highly targeted web traffic for the services and territories you Need it for the most!

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Increase Your Online Presence

With our services, your business will have more exposure online increasing leads and brand awareness with local consumers.

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More Leads and More Profits

As leads come in through our sites, so will more business and profits. We provide just the boost your business needs to grow!

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What are SEO Microsites?

Microsites are an effective way to market your business online with a website that has a strong domain name. These microsites are normally created in addition to your main website. The are called microsites because in our view, they should be focused to a particular topic or niche market.

Why Have a Microsite Created for Your Business?

The main reason is that the search engines place significant “weight” on the domain name in determining who appears on page one of search results. If your domain does not contain important search phrases, you are already at a disadvantage. There are always exceptions to this rule but a good domain can translate into page one success in a short period of time.

Microsites are targeted towards very specific aspects of your business to get you more leads for the areas you want to raise revenue for. This could be a specific type of service, for example transmissions repair for an auto shop or a certain service area you are trying to target. In modern day search engines, your main website is unfortunately only given maximum credit for your main service and physical location. But what if you live outside of a larger city that you service or provide multiple services? Then SEO microsites may be a good option for you. Whether you are dealing with one of these two situations or you simply want more leads from your online marketing efforts, SEO Service from NetSearch Direct can help.

These microsites have all Unique content and targeted messages that match the domain name. This allows us to provide content for all different types of clients that are has completely customize content that reflects the unique aspects of their business, promoting relevance and attracting real leads.

WordPress, the Ideal Platform for SEO Style Microsites

Microsites apply to all industries and we like creating them in WordPress. WordPress is easy to maintain and our clients can edit and add pages on their own. Here are more examples of SEO microsites that work for a wide range of companies and industries: